MZ File selector is an easy to use plugin for your forms. MZ File selector can select files from your remote file system and return the file name or a directory to be stored or used in further proceses in your system. File selector extremly customizable solution.

The following code represents the simplest integration of the MZ file selector dialog box. 

Actively maintained Last release Jan 31 2020 


 $fb = new filebrowser(); 

$fb->root_path = '/your/root/directory';   

#user will begin browsing at this point all allownace and configured settings begin here. User is not allowed to browse outside of this diretory
#EZ file browser provides the main UI to perform file dialog actions however you must enforce more security on your own website. In terms of managing file permissions and blocking access via sessions or other means.

$fb->opener = 'Opening form element ID'; 

print $fb->render();


Other Features include

  • Directory file size limit w
    File limit can be set for each user or application wide. Space storage limit is displayed in the progress bar
  • Active directory size and sub directory and file count
  • Drag and drop move files
  • Multi file upload
  • Image previews
  • Thumbnail or detail view
  • Icon display can be customized by changing path to icon directory
  • Zip files 
  • Unzip files
  • Move multiple files
  • Download files
  • can inherit session or easily set a new session in index.php or configure,php 
  • Fully compatible with bootstrap with customizable themes.
File browser main interface based on UI theme. Theme can be customized using less, sass or or custom css. You can easily integrate by simply using any bootstrap compatible theme. Set your theme using #Default points to bootstrap 3.3 CDN $fb->theme = "path to your style";

File browser live demo